Pondathon II – Restoring the Forest

I've already gushed about this readathon, but it needs a full page to give it all the attention it deserves. As we now have sign-ups open and all the character creation details revealed, time for a gush post! You can find the details, schedule, information and more at the Pondathon II Portal, with links to… Continue reading Pondathon II – Restoring the Forest


Backlist Buster 2022 Jan 5th

Day Twelve of Bookmas! Final day of Bookmas! Thank you so much for tagging along with this again this year - it was so much fun preparing and planning these posts, and I always love seeing the reactions I get, it keeps me going and is such an amazing start of my blogging year! I… Continue reading Backlist Buster 2022 Jan 5th