July To Be Read

Little bit on the late side but meh, it’s very warm and very busy and my technology is letting me down – up side to that is more time to read as I’m not getting as distracted! Right, onto the plans!

905692Tome Topple – June 30th to July 12thCrooked Kingdom

This is a regular readathon hosted by a group of BookTubers (here’s the GoodReads group!), and this is already the 6th edition! The whole aim of this readathon is to finally tackle those big tomes that always gets put off as their size is so intimidating. This means you’re to read any book over 500 pages in length. I picked two for this session – Sovereign and if I finish that one in time, Crooked Kingdom as well. Can’t wait!

8621462To Be Read Jar Pick for July

This month the raffle pick from the Jar is A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness. I’ve read More Than This by the same author, and really enjoyed it. This book has gotten a lot of raving reviews, so very interested to see what I think of it!


Buddy Read3273826674

So, I’m still reading The End of the Day, but since my buddy didn’t really like it – and as the whole aim of this Buddy Read was to read books we enjoyed, rather than against our will! – we decided to pick something else instead – as it’s summer, we felt in the mood for a good ol’ murder mystery. And you can’t go more ‘good ol’ than Agatha Christie. After that (we breeze through it) we will likely be picking up Moloka’i next!

891593First In, First Out – Victory of Eagles

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve read anything in the Temeraire series, I absolutely love them and I’m so behind – I think there’s about three books after this one? – so delighted to see that this was going to be my pick for Owned the Longest.


The Darkest MindsMovie Comparison – The Darkest Minds

Still reading this one – I thought it was coming out in July but turns out the movie is not out until August so I have another month to finish the book! I am enjoying it, it’s just a case of reading too many things at the same time!


601238Discworld Readathon – The Colour of Magic

So Kathy of Pages Below the Vaulted Sky started this Readathon this month. After mentioning on her blog that the prospect of the Discworld series was slighty daunting given that there are so many books, and someone suggested that it could be done as a joint project, a readathon. I love the Discworld books, and while I have reread some books here and there I haven’t actually ever done a full reread, so I will definitely be joining in with this monthly. We’re starting this July with the very first book, The Colour of Magic.

Other Mood-Reading Selections

I did quite alright with my planning vs actual reading last month, let’s see how July will treat me!

Anything in particular you’re keen to get to this month? Any new releases you’re excited about?


9 thoughts on “July To Be Read

  1. I love how diverse your selections are. 🙂 And I hope you enjoy A Monster Calls! It’s heartbreaking but compelling and probably my second favourite Ness novel. And I guess I’ve been living under a rock because I had no idea The Darkest Minds movie is coming out this summer!


    1. Thank you! My TBRs have been getting more diverse since I implemented some sort of method to the madness.
      I didn’t now either, until while waiting in line at the cinema this trailer started – and I could tell it was a YA adaptation, they just give off that vibe~


  2. Yay for the Terry Pratchett readathon! I hope you enjoy! (hopefully you saw my post with the link list that will be final as of the 18th!) I love the idea of a “jar pick” I always want to read books of my own, but I never have time. Maybe each month I’ll pick something from the jar and make sure I find time to enjoy a book that I’ve been waiting to get to! 💖


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