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October 2022 Reading Plans

Happy October! Spooky time is really upon us now, and I don’t know where you folks are, but in my little part of the world it’s turned stormy and dark, and the leaves are turning gorgeous colours, and the mood is just right.

After many months of readathons – I don’t think there’s been one month this summer without some kind of readathon going on – I am kind of readathon’d out. Also, in November and December we’ll have one of my favourite readathons returning, Clear Your Shit Version 3.0 that I can’t wait to participate in, so I felt I needed a bit of a change for October. I debated mood-reading, but I’ve also been really enjoying following folks in the bookish sphere putting their fate in the hands of the randomizer, so… onto the Plans!

To Be Read Jar

I’ve had a little tin full of books on very mish-mash pieces of paper for years, as I’ve always loved the idea of pulling a read from there, but then there were always other things – usually readathons – taking priority over it, so I haven’t touched it in an age and a day. So! I chucked them all out – they were really out of date – and created a whole fresh batch.

I focused on my Owned Books, as I am so incredibly behind on my yearly goals for that, and also the ARCs I have, which I am also, sadly, grossly behind on. So all my reads this month should come from there!

Well… Not All of Them…

There is just two books that I am desperate to read this month, so I’m already not following my plans, but pah!

Babel by R.F. Kuang

Yes, I am the same simple soul as many in the bookish sphere, and I too cannot wait to read this. I don’t think I’ve seen a single bad review for this anywhere, which might just say something about the little nook of the online world I inhabit, but I say it’s a very good sign! I’ve so enjoyed the first two of the Poppy War I’ve read, and am both looking forward and dreading to finish that trilogy, but first, it’s academics and translation! Perfect for this time of year~

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

This one I mostly need to read because I borrowed it from my family and it needs to go back home as others want to read it~ Not to say I’m not in the mood for murder mystery, and I’ve always enjoyed Osman’s humour in other instances, so I’m keen to find out what kind of books he writes!

Mixtapeathon – Autumn 2022

Yeah, I know I said I had enough of readathons, but this is more just to shout-out that its happening. After having the Summer edition in August, apparently we are doing this every season, which is amazing. It runs from the 3rd of October to the 16th of October, and it has a great aesthetic. I’m not planning a particular TBR for this, I’m just reading what I want, and if I happen to get a few things crossed of the bingo board, then bonus! I’ll be away and travelling for the first week of this, and will have a lot of opportunities not just to read but to enjoy the autumn weather we’re having, so I’m hopeful! Check out the Mixtape Twitter here!

There we have it! My plans for October! They’re very casual, very laid back, before the madness starts again in November! Let me know what you’re planning to read – have you also fallen prey to the lure of Babel? If you’ve read it, did you like it, like everyone else seems to?

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